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Ravena is the "'Friendship' community of the Capital District of New York" according to the town's official website - villageofravena.com - but they sure do give out a lot of traffic tickets. Maybe not nearly so much as Colonie, Guilderland, or Albany, Ravena is still a fairly high-traffic traffic court in Albany County. If you have been given a New York speeding ticket or some other traffic citation there, attorney Randall Kehoe may be able to represent you and employ his considerable experience as a traffic lawyer since 1990 to help resolve your ticket there. After so many years of service, Mr. Kehoe has become familiar with the methods of local courts as well as what to expect under particular circumstances and charges from a given court. A traffic ticket may create a large amount of stress in your life as you worry about the repercussions a conviction will have on your insurance, license points, and driving privileges, but Mr. Kehoe deals with these cases almost every day and can help take that burden off your shoulders at a very reasonable and affordable fee. He charges flat fees quoted in full at the start of the case for all traffic tickets in Ravena. Call for a free consultation of your case or submit an online inquiry here on our Ravena website to request a call from our office. There is no obligation to hire and we monitore inquiries daily.

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Albany County DWI Defense

We also defend clients charged with DWI in Ravena and other municipalities in Albany County. Because of strict policies in Albany County for DWI convictions, these cases must be handled with extreme care by an experienced attorney. Randall Kehoe has been defending clients charged with DWI and other alcohol and other drug-related offenses in the Greater Capital District since 1990. He will put you in contact with an certified Substance Abuse Counselor and guide you through other necessary steps for dealing with these sensitive cases. To discuss the details of your DWI case in Ravena, please contact our office by phone or email for a free consultation.

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